Apartment in Frankfurt-Bockenheim
Do you find older, but stylish attractive apartments in a peaceful area in Frankfurt to your taste ?  Then you should, without fail, view our apartment in Bockenheim.  Bockenheim is built on a dried out lake and was once an independent town which was later annexed to Frankfurt, and which now is home to the famous Wolfgang von Goethe University.
Plentiful Bistros and  international restaurants with a high standard of culinary choices prominantly characterise Bockenheim center.  From the striking Bockenheimer Warte (Bockenheim look-out tower) which was once part of the towns fortification, the shopping mile along the Leipziger Strasse (Leipzig Street) reaches as far as Frankfurt.
If you value a peaceful area, which at the same time is near to Frankfurt, then Bockenheim is the ideal living quarters.

Where the apartment is situated

Due to the immediate proximity to  Leipziger Strasse, you will find manifold opportunities for shopping, as well as a large selection in the way of international gastronomy directly at your doorstep.  The neighbourhood Supermarkets are open till 10 o’clock in the evening.
In only 2 minutes walking distance, you will reach the U Bahn, (Underground train station) numbers U6 and U7.  From here, after only a few train stops, you will reach Frankfurt with its historical old quarter, the sky-scraper quarter, the famous shopping mile “Zeil” as well as many other tourist attractions.  The Trade Fair is only 15 minutes walk away.  From the train Station Bockenheimer Warte, it is only one train stop away.

How the apartment is equipped

Our apartment in Bockenheim is a spacious, fully furnished, none-smoker apartment.  It has a built-in kitchen and also has separate bathroom and WC.
The apartment is particularly well lit, and presents you with a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere.
The apartment is equipped with DSL and  a wireless Internet access that can be used in every room.


Mrs. Bruno
Phone +49-69-78903424